Melany takes four vacations for less than what she used to spend on a single trip.

Melany has a family of four.

They went to Hawaii just before COVID, they stayed 7 nights at reasonably priced lodging, they rented a car, and they paid $10,000 for that trip.

After joining JGOOT Lounge, they went back to Hawaii using the strategies we teach in our coaching program.

They stayed 8 nights, they stayed in nicer resorts, they rented a car (at post-COVID rental rates), and they paid $1600 for that entire vacation.

They also just got back from a vacation in Puerto Rico. Join as she shares pictures from the 4 trips she's taken since joining JGOOT lounge - all for less than what they used to spend on a single trip.


I was already a pretty savvy “budget” traveler 12 years ago (well, I THOUGHT I was.)

Now, more than a decade later, after lots of practice and trial-and-error, I've added luxury travel on points into the mix, and the days of budget vacations are long behind me.

My wife and I not only travel 2- 3 times as often for the same budget as what I used to spend, but we do so in 4 & 5-star resorts. When we fly internationally, we fly in business or first-class.

The JGOOT Way of Travel has helped thousands of clients improve how they travel, and many will never go back to "the traditional way" again... Ready to learn how to do it yourself? Get the JGOOT book!

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