Mira & Jeff's $64,000 around-the-world luxury vacation

Mira's trip was inspired by finding $80 direct flights to Japan using "Rule 1" of the JGOOT Way of travel (no points required!).

She upgraded that flight to first-class using points,

and ended up visiting 6 countries,

taking 7 business/first-class flights,

stayed 24 nights in 4 & 5-star resorts,

rented cars (at post-covid rates)

and spent $6200 for their entire vacation

Watch the full case study below:


I was already a pretty savvy “budget” traveler 12 years ago (well, I THOUGHT I was.)

Now, more than a decade later, after lots of practice and trial-and-error, I've added luxury travel on points into the mix, and the days of budget vacations are long behind me.

My wife and I not only travel 2- 3 times as often for the same budget as what I used to spend, but we do so in 4 & 5-star resorts. When we fly internationally, we fly in business or first-class.

The JGOOT Way of Travel has helped thousands of clients improve how they travel, and many will never go back to "the traditional way" again... Ready to learn how to do it yourself? Get the JGOOT book!

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