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  • Who The Companion Pass Is Best For:

We never suggest strategies that don’t fit your situation. Learn how to determine if the Companion Pass is worth it for YOU!

  • Common Strategy Misconceptions:

Why most online travel “experts” only share ONE strategy and how that does you a serious disservice!

By the end of this Training Course you will know EXACTLY how to:

  • Get the companion pass through the end of 2025 (even if you’ve had it in the past)
  • ​Choose which of the 3 methods are best for your situation
  • ​Avoid the most common mistakes and the biggest pitfalls
  • ​Ensure you get approved with Pre-Application Checklist
  • ​What to do IF you are denied!
  • ​How to get $200 in FREE Southwest Travel Funds - each and every year.
  • ​How to do this so you can get a Companion Pass AGAIN in 2026

You’ll also get Lifetime Access to Training Materials as well as the chance to attend one of three Live Group Q&A Sessions to make sure you get ALL of your questions answered!

Stephanie walked me through all the ins & outs with Southwest and helped me set up a customized plan for us to achieve companion pass again.

Jessica McTaggert

St Louis, MO

What is the Southwest Companion Pass & is it WORTH it for me?

The Southwest Companion Pass allows you to pick a companion to fly FREE with you (just paying taxes) everytime you fly for 2 years (AND it can be earned again and again!).

There are NO blackout dates or restrictions – if the seat is available upon booking, your companion can have it!

To figure out if our mini-course is 100% WORTH IT for you, try out this little exercise:

1) Write down all the one-way flights you WANT to fly next year or WOULD fly if they were Buy-One-Get-One

2) Multiply that Number by $150 (Domestic) & $200 (Hawaii or Int’l)

Is the total worth more than $1000?

Then SIGN UP for the course to save that much and more.

This Companion Pass Training Course is the ONLY program of its kind.

Most other travel “experts” online will only share card-churning strategies, because that’s all they know how to do.

This doesn’t work for everyone and will NOT help you in the long run.

That’s why this unique course will share 3 different approaches to help you earn (and keep earning!) the pass year after year — as well as what common pitfalls you should AVOID!

What's Included In The Course?

3 Strategies To Earn The Coveted Southwest Companion Pass Through The End Of 2025:




  • 3 Live Group Sessions to Answer All Of Your Questions

We'll be offering multiple times & dates (weekday, weeknight & weekend) so you can be sure to attend at least 1 (or all 3!)

  • Pitfalls You MUST Avoid When Choosing A Strategy

Unless you want to book 100 flights the traditional way - The pass can only be EARNED through points. We'll share the shortcuts that work, the common ones to avoid, and steps to take in the event you are declined.

  • Bonus "Credit Boost" training

Tricks to boost your credit score by 50 to 150 points within the next 30 days - to minimize your odds of being declined.

  • Optional 1-on-1 support

All of our travel coaches are normally only available for 1-on-1 support to graduates of our high-level coaching program and that normally costs $400 to $600 per hour.

Sound good? Here's how it works:

  • Step 1

Enroll before we run out of travel savings cards to essentially get our program for 50% cost out of pocket.

  • Step 2

Build a personalized plan just for you by adding an optional private 1-on-1 session with Stephanie for $147 $97.

  • Step 3

Take the course & attend any of 3 live Q&A sessions in December to get your specific questions answered. (Choose between a weekday, weeknight, or weekend session. Q&A sessions will be recorded as well.)

  • Step 4

Earn a free companion pass to use through the end of 2025. (No blackout dates & no limit to the number of free companion flights.)

Total Value of Points Plus Companion Pass:
$1800 to $10,000

(Depending on how much you use your companion pass in next two years)

Cost of training: $197

Limited time bonus: $200 travel savings card

Enroll during our Black Friday promotion and get a $200 travel savings card. It can be redeemed for up to $200 in savings at millions of hotels, car rental agencies, or activities/excursions around the world.

When redeemed - this alone completely offsets the entire cost of our program.

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