What You Get:

  • Quick & Easy Method
    (Using Two new Southwest cards)

  • Hybrid Method
    (Using one new Southwest card, and earning the balance of points through organic spend & earning multipliers)

  • Slow & Steady Method
    Must have an existing Southwest card, but no new credit cards required!

  • Live Monthly Q&A Sessions
    *Q&A sessions will be recorded and added to training portal for future reference.

  • Monthly Southwest Newsletter
    Stay up to date with the best Southwest redemption, promo alerts, and 10-30x Southwest point earning opportunities.

Bonus Resources:

  • Quick-Reference Guide Of Most Popular Southwest Benefits (there are lots, and taking advantage of them can mean hundreds of dollars in savings)

  • Quick tricks to boost your score (if needed) to increase odds of approval for card.

  • Tips on what to do if declined (it happens occasionally, and there is almost always an easy solution).

  • How to get $200 in free Southwest flight credits every year (with a particular card).

Step 1: Contact Information

Step 2: Shipping Information

STEP 3: Order



Additional 1-on-1 support: In addition to the above mini-training, I would like a private 1-on-1 zoom call with Stephanie. Together, we will map out a personal plan to obtain my Companion Pass as fast as possible, and get the most out of all that Southwest has to offer. 1-on-1 support with Stephanie is normally $500/hr.

There is no expiration date on this private 1-on-1 session, and I will schedule it after I have reviewed the information in the mini-course and have specific questions I'd like Stephanie to help me with.